Veggie Galaxy Job Inquiries

by adamveggiegalaxy on May 13, 2011

I’ve been receiving a bunch of inquiries about jobs at Veggie Galaxy, so I thought I’d post a few words about that here.

Other than the head chef and head baker positions (which have already been filled), I really haven’t begun to look yet to fill any other positions.  I’m not sure exactly when that process will start, but probably not for another couple of months or so.

That being said, anyone is welcome to send an inquiry along with a resume to my Veggie Planet e-mail address (I don’t have a Veggie Galaxy e-mail address yet), and I will keep any correspondence I receive in a safe place so that I’ll have it when I’m ready to start the hiring process.

Send any inquiries to:

Thanks for all the interest, and I look forward to meeting some great people!

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